The quiet powerhouse in the Neargrid family powers a construction site with up to 3 tower cranes.

The Neargrid Force provides a solution when the available grid connection is insufficient to connect tower cranes directly to it.

Maximum output

The Neargrid Force can power 3 tower cranes with a 32A grid connection.


Four other outputs for other consumers are available on the system in addition to the 3 dedicated outputs to the tower cranes.


Our technology is completely tailored to the construction process. Neargrid focuses on common issues that construction sites face.


Mains connection

Mains voltage

3-phase - 400V + N + PE / 3-phase - 230V + PE

Mains current

16 to 63A

Power supply to the construction site

Power - nominal

120 - 200kVA

Peak capacity - maximum 15 sec

180 - 240kVA

Electrical power supply motors tower cranes

1 circuit 250A, 2 circuits 160A connect to
terminal strip

Electrical power supply tower cranes and construction site

Connect 4 circuits 63A with CEE
connectors IP67


Installed capacity


Usable capacity - limited


Autonomy in the event of grid failure

4h - 2 tower cranes


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Gil De Backer
Business Developer
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