In Woluwe on Tweehuizenweg, Eiffage is developing several residential projects in phases, under the common name of Greenwood.

The contractor on the project is Valens, a construction company in the Eiffage Group. On site, Valens uses a Neargrid Boost to provide peak power to the tower crane. The tower crane in question is a type Liebherr 280EC-B and has a peak power according to our measurements of about 80 kVA. 

With a supply of 20A, the Neargrid Boost has enough to power the tower crane in turn. In this way, maximum grid capacity remains available to power the other processes on the site. 

By positioning the Neargrid Boost near the base of the tower crane, the route of the cable from the grid box to the tower crane can be done with a relatively cheaper cable.

Within the Eiffage group, it is the equipment service Sodemat that is responsible for managing the various Neargrid systems. 

CEO Stephan Eerens wants to be a pioneer with Sodemat in terms of innovation towards a sustainable construction site. He sees a reliable partner in Neargrid.

"The Neargrid Boost offers numerous advantages such as no exhaust emissions, even CO2 neutral when using green electricity, and is completely silent. Furthermore, there is no need for periodic maintenance - so no downtime - and no need for refueling. The construction site can be started up quickly because only a classic low-voltage connection is needed and the consumption is under control," says Stephan Eerens. 


October 2021


Woluwe, Belgium


Liebherr 280EC-B

Mains connection

63A - 3f - 400V

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